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Unlock the Secrets to a Themed Wedding: Chloe & Cody’s Romantic, Quirky, Harry Potter Wedding

If you’ve ever considered a themed wedding, here is the tale of how Chloe and Cody blended a Harry Potter theme into their day, whilst still celebrating the essence of their love, and creating magical and romantic moments. Read on for inspiration for your own unique themed wedding.

“May your love be as enduring as a golden snitch, and your journey together as magical as a wizard’s adventure”

(excerpt from Chloe and Cody’s wedding ceremony script, Lisa Cockington, 2023)


Chloe and Cody’s Wedding  06.10.2023

These guys had known each other for years, had dated for years, and had been trying to get married for a while.  When they finally set the date – they knew they wanted it to be something low key and fun, like they are. 

With a shared love of Harry Potter – they gave me the brief of creating something that had blended the theme into their ceremony without it being full on.  Ie they weren’t wanting to get dressed up as characters within the book. They also had come up with a number of ideas that they would incorporate into the setting and the style of their wedding.

The starting point was that they both identified with one of the Harry Potter houses – Chloe with Slytherin and Cody with Hufflepuff – so this led to the theme colours of green and yellow.

Whilst looking around at venues, Chloe fell in love with Kuitpo forest (SA) as it felt like the Forbidden Forest, and nestled amongst the trees was Kuitpo Hall, a quaint little stone building that could easily have been Hagrid’s Hut or any of the other old world buildings in the novels. This would set the perfect mood for their wedding

Then Chloe and Cody let their guests know that this day would be a little different by sending invitations they designed as if they were straight from the books – Marauder’s maps with the invitations coming from Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.  They didn’t have to say it was themed – it was obvious to all who knew them!

And so the themed setting of their wedding was established, and now all they had to do was add the details.

Their Wedding Day

When I arrived as the celebrant – the most striking thing in Kuitpo Hall was the Groom and Groomsmen’s matching bright yellow sneakers!  It brought an immediate smile to my face, and I’m guessing the guests as well – as their quirky nod to Cody being from HufflePuff.  Everything else within the little stone cottage looked like a traditional wedding, apart from one thing beneath the arbour  – A big brown Sorting Hat!  (More on this later).

Then Chloe arrived, and her traditional white dress had been altered slightly to contain green flowers – signifying her allegiance to Slytherin.

As the bridal party walked down the aisle, to the Harry Potter Theme Music, instead of holding flowers, they each proudly paraded a beautiful hard copy Harry Potter book in front of them!

And so the green and yellow theme had been blended into traditional elements, and  Harry Potter had been announced.

And then for the ceremony.  Harry Potter must have controlled my hands as I wrote the script and love story, using countless references to magic, wizardry, love potions, forbidden forests etc at every opportunity within what was still a traditional script.  But it was enormously fun to see the look on their faces every time the words that they may be have been expecting morphed into harry potter versions.

Their love story was true to who they are, but just told in a setting akin to a Harry Potter book with sentences like these:

…..“Their journey continued with a proposal that would have made the ghosts of Hogwarts applaud with joy.”……

…..”In the end, their love story has been like a magical door hidden deep within the forest, waiting for them to enter and discover its secrets”……

….”Their love, like a well-brewed potion, can and will withstand any magical or muggle challenge”…..

When it came to their vows, we called upon some tried and tested wizardry to decide who would go first.

I raised the Hogwarts Sorting Hat.

I gave it a spin on the understanding that whoever it was pointing towards when it landed, would go first with their vows. Their vows were traditional but of course a little fun and quirky just as they are.  They were beautiful. And in the ring exchange, just a little magic was woven in:

Cody, I give you this ring as a symbol
of my love and devotion, 
just as a wand chooses its wizard, 
my heart has chosen you. 
With this ring, I promise to stand by your side 
through all of life’s adventures and challenges 

As they exited the hall – triumphant in their marriage, there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that this was a beautiful match, and a marriage that was uniquely authentic to who they were as individuals, and it was all the more memorable for it.


The feedback from Chloe and Cody was that not only did they love it, but so did their guests.  It was a great way of showcasing their personalities, creating something unique that would be unforgettable to their guests, whilst still honouring the meaningful significance of their love and their union in marriage.

It also was a relatively low cost way of creating special memories, as the focus was on the theme, and not expensive decor or food.  The whole day in fact was low key, relaxed and fun, with a stand up reception right outside the doors of that quaint little stone cottage.

Themed weddings aren’t for everyone, but they are incredibly special for others, and as we see in this one – they don’t have to be overwhelming.  Just some gentle massaging of traditions to give a fresh look to a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Image Credits: Noah’s Way Photography

Double the “I Do”: Why Aussies Should Wed in Australia Before Their Dream Bali Ceremony

Bali as a Wedding Destination

Australian is well known for its love affair with Bali as a perfect holiday destination.  It’s on the affordable side of travel, it has Australia’s perfect climate all year around, and is full of beaches, stunning tropical rainforests, retreats and fun activities.

People love visiting there so much that it’s seen as the perfect location for a wedding.  A destination wedding has that “extra” feel of excitement, potentially taking your wedding to a whole new level.  Destination weddings tend to be a little smaller, a little bit more intimate, but they open the opportunity for a group holiday – where the celebration can go beyond the single day.

But before you race in to all your planning – there are a few things you should know.

The good news.   Yes, if you are legally married in Bali – the marriage is also recognised in Australia

The not so good news:   But it is probably going to be much harder than you think…

Bali is a deeply religious country and because of this, the legal requirements are that you much have two weddings – a religious one and a civil one.  There are no exceptions to these rules – anyone marrying in Bali must have both to be considered legally wed.

On top of this – for the religious ceremony – you must provide evidence of your religious affiliation to one of only a few religions, (Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Islam or Protestant) and you must both be of the same religion.

Mmmm – re-thinking the feasibility of getting married in Bali?   After all – you want this to be simple and fun, and right now you might be thinking that this is sounding impossible….

The better news:

There is a work around to this.

Get legally married in Australia first – in a small legals only ceremony.  You can do this in a registry office but for pretty much the same price to can book a celebrant to still make this an intimate, warm ceremony.  

Then head to Bali with your family and friends for your dream Balinese ceremony minus the legalities.

Cultural Considerations

So you’ve decided to head off to Bali after a legal ceremony in Australia.  Often with destination weddings, your celebrant can also plan and attend/run your non-legal event at your favourite location.  In the case of Bali though it’s a little more delicate.  Bali has significant eco tourism needs and require celebrants to obtain a work visa to do so.  They are also rarely approved as the visiting celebrant is taking away work from the locals.   So for that dream ceremony – its best to engage a celebrant and/or planner in Bali to make this happen.

You should also work with your local Balinese vendors to ensure that what you plan, does so with respect to Bali; the country, the people and their religious culture.  A good rule of thumb is to plan to leave Bali a better place for you having been there.

Where to start?  You can head to this balinese wedding website to help you find vendors.  A couple of things to note – it suggests you have much more freedom than Australia as to where you get married (beach, hilltop etc) – this isn’t correct – you can do all of this here!  Yay for beautiful flexible Australian weddings!


  1. Getting married in Bali is difficult for Australian’s to achieve due to the nature of the two separate weddings that are required, and religious requirements.
  2. Couples can still have their dream ceremony in Bali – but not a legal one.
  3. A small legals only celebration is best done in Australia before heading to Bali.
  4. You should engage Balinese wedding professionals to plan and run your wedding.

From the editor:
I’m always happy to talk through the process with couples and support them where I can, including providing the legal component here in Australia.  You can contact me/see my packages at https://lovecelebrationsbylisa.au/elopement

Enchanting Wedding Ceremonies: Embracing Themed Weddings for a Day Like No Other!

Hello, fabulous couples of Australia! As you embark on your wedding planning journey, have you considered making your day even more unforgettable with a themed wedding? Themed weddings are not just about extravagance; they’re a canvas for your creativity, a reflection of your shared passions, and a unique way to tell your love story. From the whimsical to the nostalgic, a theme can transform your celebration into something truly personal and extraordinary. 

The Allure of Themed Weddings

Imagine a wedding day that’s not just a ceremony but a journey into a world that you adore. A themed wedding allows you to step out of the traditional mould and into a space that’s wholly yours. Whether it’s a based on your favourite book, movie, era, or a cherished memory, a themed wedding weaves your unique story into every detail of the day. 

One of the factors that makes an event truly memorable (see my article on creating special moments), is to elevate the experience above an every day script, and break the “normal social expectations” for a period of time.  It’s like transporting your guests to another world for just a few hours.  Set up correctly, people are happy to discard phones, change the way they act and even dress differently to be a part of something different.  How “far” you transport them is up to you, but it’s likely to never be forgotten.

Can’t imagine how this would look?  Let’s consider Harry Potter as a theme.

Why Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter series is more than just popular literature; it’s a cultural phenomenon that resonates with people of all ages. It symbolizes adventure, love, and the belief in something greater. By choosing a Harry Potter-themed wedding, you’re not just selecting a theme; you’re inviting your guests into a beloved and magical world, offering a unique experience that everyone can connect with and enjoy.  

Creating the Wizarding World

Visualize walking into your venue, now transformed into the iconic Great Hall of Hogwarts, or an outdoor space reminiscent of the school’s mystical grounds. This level of thematic immersion is what sets themed weddings apart. The attention to detail, from floating candles to house banners, creates an atmosphere that is both magical and deeply personal.

Magical Touches

In a themed wedding, every element, from attire to decor, contributes to the narrative. For a Harry Potter wedding, think of bridal party robes reflecting Hogwarts houses, or a cake that would make the halls of Hogwarts proud. Your menu, entertainment, and even your invitations can mirror elements from the wizarding world, creating an immersive experience for you and your guests.

The Lasting Impact

The beauty of a themed wedding, especially one as rich as Harry Potter, is that it leaves a lasting impression. It’s not just about the visual spectacle; it’s about creating a day that is a true reflection of you as a couple. Whether it’s through the shared love of a story or the incorporation of elements that mean the most to you, a themed wedding like this becomes more than a celebration; it’s a memorable journey into your own magical love story.


Themed weddings open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to celebrate your union in a way that is as unique as your relationship. Whether it’s the enchanting world of Harry Potter or any other theme that resonates with your story, the key is to create a day that embodies your shared passions and love. So, let your imagination run wild and craft a wedding day that’s not just a ceremony, but a celebration of your own extraordinary tale!

Editors note:

You can have an idea in mind, and not be creative or have any idea as to the “how”.  Work with a celebrant who embraces themed weddings, can inspire you with ideas, “plot” plan and support you,  and can also weave the appropriate wording into your ceremony.  If you’d like to hear of a real life example – try this article of a Harry Potter wedding I did last October.