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I’m Lisa

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and I’m here to help you create amazing, magical moments that celebrate love.

Whether you spend $1 or $100,000 on a wedding, it not the dollars that make the magic, it’s the how everything comes together, the setting, the people, the vibes and experiences that make the day.  There is an art to creating amazing experiences, sometimes you can throw everything in the pot and hope for the best, but why take chances?  Every element in your ceremony – including pre and post contacts, should have a special purpose. There are no fillers in my plans, everything we do will contribute to, or have its own special meaning – creating a series of perfect mini moments that come together to achieve the ultimate experience you want.

If you are looking for someone who takes time to listen to what’s important to you, will take on board your vision as if it were her own and then work her butt off to find ways to make it a reality for you – then I’m the gal for you.  With a strong creative streak, energy and passion for uplifting people, and a belief that anything is possible, together we’ll create the wedding of your dreams 

Photographers capture magical moments – I want to create them for you.

……..and magic moment maker

It all starts with your vision ...

What would your ultimate day look and feel like?



Surf and sand, barefeet, sunset, summer lovin, natural, relaxed, casual,



Classic, elegant, all the frills or simplistic



Relaxed, intimate, casual, simple, meaningful


Casual Wedding

Candid, authentic, passionate, simple, minimalist, rustic



Just us, intimate, raw, real, destination, no frills



Family and friends surprised, informal, relaxed,
seemingly impromptu, “drama-less”



Ecclectic, symbolic, natural, earthy, quirky, a little hippie, textured,  in the moment



Casual, relaxed, fun, intimate, down to earth, a little bit different

select a ceremony package, and we'll create magical moments that deliver on your dream

The look and feel of your wedding should be set by your vision.  It’s the best path to ending up with exactly what you want!   It’s ok to not be sure about this yet. – together we can refine your ideas so that we are on exactly the same page.  Then as we plan your ceremony, we’ll structure it to perfectly fit you, and create those special moments that you’ll remember forever.  

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Even if I’m not available – feel free to contact me and let me know what you need.  I’m a part of a big wonderful nerwork called The Celebrant Society – and I’m almost positive that I can find someone for you.

Hopefully that’s super helpful for you!

other love celebrations

It's not just weddings

Love Celebrations aren’t just about weddings, and I’d love to help you create special moments in other areas of your life.  In fact this could be anything from planning a special dinner party to welcoming a baby to the world, or a funeral/memorial  to celebrate a life – human or pet!

Lets talk….

Baby Naming

Welcome to the World

Pet Memorial

Pawfect goodbyes


Master of ceremonies


Life Celebration