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Why choose me as your celebrant?

From the moment we meet, and until we part, my aim is to create beautiful, happy, unforgettable experiences that celebrate your love. When you book me, you don’t just book a celebrant. You book an entrepreneur, a creative, a speaker, a coach and a visionary. You book someone who looks well beyond a 20 minute ceremony, and considers how this represents your life, your relationship and your love. Oh and I’ll marry you too!

I bring  a lifetime of experiences and exploration into how to create moments that have that “wow” factor.  From unusual things like pop up rules that create temporary event vibes, to engaging and connecting crowds, how to unlock the emotional banks, how to create memories that you can relive over and over, and how make two people feel they are the only ones in the “room”.  This is what I bring to your wedding experience.  It’s all about you, your  experiences, your love, your day.

Of course not everyone wants all these things.  My job is to listen carefully to you, get to know you, laugh with you, support you.  Then draw out exactly what experiences are meaningful to you, even things you may not have even considered before!  If you’re shy and hate crowds, I have many options for you.  If you’re loud and extraverted – I’ll help you to shine in this. You’ll even find additional stand alone experiences available that will add to your “engagement to wedding journey” – helping to reduce the stress that planning a wedding can have on your relationship.

The serious stuff aside, I’m actually not that serious in person!  Think relaxed, casual, funny, bubbly,  creative  “wannabe” millennial who can’t wait to make your dreams come true!

If you’ve actually made it to the end of this story – you should know that I’m sitting at my desk with a drink, hoping you’re going to fill in the form on this page so we can catch up and chat!  Don’t believe me?  – fill it out and see how long it takes me to reply!!!

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