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Hi, Welcome to my crazy world of being  a multi-passionate solo entrepreneur.  After a long career in health, focussing on areas such strategy, innovation, public health, and leadership, I took a leap of faith and delved into my creative side.   In 2018 I established myself as an abstract artist and graphic designer, whilst working full time, and then in 2021 left my day job to explore this further. 

Give a girl an inch and she’ll take a mile – I also decided it would be fun to train as a barista, learn french, the ukulele and then to realise another dream of mine – to become a celebrant.

I’m newly registered as a Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant, so whilst I haven’t been around for long in this capacity – I’ve been designing and leading events for years, with a focus on creating powerful moments. I’m also freshly minted with new ideas, current trends and opportunities and enough enthusiasm to power through anything!  

However, I’ve set up my calendar to prioritise your events over everything else – so between that, having only recently opened for bookings, now is the perfect time to book me!

I can’t wait to work with you!

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Love Celebrations by Lisa
Lisa Cockington
Celebrant and Emcee