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Epic Creator@300x-8

Simplistic, Romantic, Unforgettable

"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show." At the heart of it, its just about the two of you. I’m here to deliver your dream wedding with simplicity and and style, your way. Got an idea? Im up for it Don’t have a clue? My specialty!

Rock Solid Support@300x-8

Rock Solid Support

From the moment you book me, I’ll keep everything simple for you, providing you with with what you need to know when, (not too little, not too much) delivered with warmth, humour, and super organised systems.  Your job - just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ultimate Guest Experiences@300x-8


Save your money for the things that you value in life, and all the adventures you you want to take. Elopement ceremonies are scaled down to the bare basics without compromising on feel good vibes, romanticism and intimacy.

"Our wedding ceremony was an unforgettable experience, and we owe a large part of that to Lisa. Her ability to infuse every moment with love and authenticity, made our ceremony truly special."
Kaelia and Jarrod
31/03/2023 Ekhidna Wines, McLaren Vale SA

I’m Lisa

About Me

and I’m here to help you create amazing, unforgettable experiences that celebrate love.

Whether you spend $1 or $100,000 on a wedding, it not the dollars that make the magic, it’s the how everything comes together, the setting, the people, the vibes and experiences that make the day.  There is an art to creating amazing experiences, sometimes you can throw everything in the pot and hope for the best, but why take chances?  Every element in your ceremony – including pre and post contacts, should have a special purpose. There are no fillers in my plans, everything we do will contribute to, or have its own special meaning – creating a series of perfect mini moments that come together to achieve the ultimate experience you want.  They may be fun, epic, adventurous, chilled, hilarious, themed, romantic or simple, I’ll create a day that guests will walk away from saying “wow – that was sooo them”!

If you are looking for someone who takes time to listen to what’s important to you, will take on board your vision as if it were her own and then work her butt off to find ways to make it a reality for you – then I’m the gal for you.  With a strong creative streak, energy and passion for uplifting people, and a belief that anything is possible, together we’ll create the wedding of your dreams 

Photographers capture magical moments – I want to create them for you.

……..and magic moment maker




Just You and Me
far away...

Did someone say destination wedding!
An unforgettable intimate elopement experience at a destination or adventure of your choice


Turn the simplicity of your Just You and Me  ceremony into an epic adventure.  Whether it be interstate, overseas, in a hot air balloon, in a kayak, up a mountain or where ever you want to go- lets do it!!

Prices start from $790 and then are quoted based on the nature of your destination/activity.  Quoted price will include travel time and costs, accomodation, and any relevant equipment

Included bonus is the MEVO live recording/livestream of your ceremony

from $790


Just You and Me and mevo

An unforgettable elopement experience, recorded and/or livestreamed  to create a truly forever moment


Whilst the simplicity of just the two of you is all you need, sometimes it would be nice to share it with others elsewhere, or at later date. 
Mevo is my little webcam that can unobtrusively video and optionally livestream your ceremony. 

Raw unedited 1020HD quality footage, you can watch it the very next day, and have it forever to share with friends or future generations.

It will also livestream to facebook – if you have parents or close friends who would have liked to attend – creating the next best option.



Just You and Me

An unforgettable intimate elopement experience at
a park, beach or your own home


When simple moments of love are all that are needed to seal the deal on your love and marriage

At the heart of simplicity – we meet for the first time on your wedding day.
Everything prior to this is organised and witnessed online.

A simple standard script, a focus on your vows, no music, no microphones, no entrance processional, no crowds, no fuss, no bother.

Just the two of you, your celebrant and  witnesses, and in 15 minutes you are married.

You may also like to:

  • Engage a photographer to capture the special moments
  • Invite a maximum of 10 people to observe  (not participate) as this is an elopement package, not a small ceremony
  • All the inclusions from Short & Sweet and Your Dream Wedding, plus
  • A totally customised elopement ceremony based around your chosen destination/adventure
  • Investigation of the legalites of your chosen idea and any necessary adjustments to make it work for you.
  • Application for your wedding certificate from Birth’s Deaths and Marriages: $80
  • A3 Graphic Print of your Vows $200
  • Upgrade ceremony to “Short & Sweet”: +$300
  • Upgrade ceremony to “Your Dream Wedding”: +$600
  • Upgrade wedding to “Your Best Day Ever”: +$1100


  • All the inclusions from Short & Sweet and Your Dream Wedding, plus:
  • Mevo video recording of your ceremony, plus optional livestreaming.  NB livestreaming is dependent on the ability to maintain an internet connection.  This does not affect the video recording.
  • Application for your wedding certificate from Birth’s Deaths and Marriages: $80
  • A3 Graphic Print of your Vows $200
  • Beautiful handcrafted vows folders and documentation folders for signing
  • Submission of all legal paperwork online within 24 hours of your wedding
  • A much nicer way to get married than the registry office for practically the same price!
  • Application for your wedding certificate from Birth’s Deaths and Marriages: $80
  • A3 Graphic Print of your Vows $200
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